How do I set the default content page) on a Classic ASP file?

Aug 17, 2021
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How do I set the default “index” landing page (also known as the default content page) on a Classic ASP file?

While setting up a simple first “Hello World” style classic ASP program locally, I remember how things are set up on the server where I will eventually migrate my work to.

On the server, in IIs, when I right-click on a Web Site, I can see properties.


And that brings up a tabbed dialog box where one of the tabs is “Documents”


So, here, clearly I can set the name of the default content page. Naturally, I want to set this up locally on my Windows 10 computer.

Now, eventhough I believe I have set up IIS on my side. Things do now look the same on my side. I have a windows 10 Operating System and so I expect things will look a bit differently according to style. But I am hoping the functionality will be the same? Will the functionality be the same? On my end, on my Windows 10 computer, this is what I see when I right click on my web site? I do not see anything about "Properties" which would bring up a dialog box where I can set the default content page.


Please be so kind as to advise.

I know, or at least I have read online is, that classic ASP is part of IIS. So, here is the information I have gotten when I check the version of the ISS systems.

My local windows 10 iSS, help --> about menu selection produces this information:


On the server, the IIS has two options that come up in the Help menu that I find interesting. They are "About Microsoft Management Console..." and "About Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager...


The information dialogs that come up when clicking on these are:




So, that is all I got thus far. How to I proceed in setting up my ASP development capacity locally?
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