How do i edit the log file format for the "Geogebra Classic 6 Exam Mode"?

Apr 27, 2023
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I am currently engaged in an investigation of the Geogebra Classic 6 Exam Mode, specifically focusing on its downloadable version. However, I am encountering an obstacle in my endeavor. I am seeking to modify the log file that is generated upon completion of the exam mode. Regrettably, I have been unable to locate the specific file associated with the exam mode, thereby impeding my ability to modify its properties.

I conducted an extensive exploration encompassing various file types, such as .js, .json, and .html, in order to locate the properties associated with the exam mode. Regrettably, my search yielded no outcomes pertaining to the specific exam mode file I sought. Despite discovering a setting to enable or disable kiosk mode, no further options were found for editing the exam mode properties. Consequently, I find myself in dire need of assistance in altering the aforementioned properties. I earnestly hope that someone can provide the necessary guidance and support in this endeavor.

Here is the link to my programm version of Geogebra:


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