Should heavy binary files not be stored in database?

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Big George, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Big George

    Big George Guest

    I was asked an interesting question: Should a database contains all
    data? Or heavy binary files should be stored in file system?

    Example of heavy binary files : videos or heavy pdf files (+200 MB)

    With an old aspx web app (1.1) I tried to open a 200MB pdf file stored
    as a blob in an Oracle 11g database, and it just couldn't do it.

    However, same web application had no problem to open same pdf
    file stored in file system of a server. It could be that maybe there
    is some proper way to open heavy blobs fields with

    For integrity reasons, I say that all data should be stored in
    database, but my described case showed me that maybe it's not the way.

    I read once that if your web application goes to cloud, then it would
    be very difficult to keep references of files stored in file system
    (file paths like: ../MyFolder001/MyFile.mpg), since you don't know
    where those files will be distributed.

    What do yo think?
    Big George, Jan 28, 2013
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  2. Big George

    Arne Vajhøj Guest

    I am in general a big fan of storing files in the database
    instead of in the file system.

    But with 200+ MB files, then I would consider going for the
    file system.

    With a big DB server then I would still say DB, but
    with a small DB server, then I would go for the file

    10000 files x 200 MB = 2 TB data

    I would not worry about cloud. Most cloud solutions
    offer both database and "non database BLOB storage".

    Azure (which is most relevant for ASP.NET) has SQL, Tables
    and BLOB storage:

    Arne Vajhøj, Jan 28, 2013
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