slice_array problem in vs2005

Discussion in 'C++' started by holmescn, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. holmescn

    holmescn Guest

    Anyone here used vs2005?So I appreciate your help.
    I used stlport 5.0. When I complied the code below,an error occured:


    using namespace std;


    valarray<int> val(10);

    slice_array<int>& v0=val[slice(0,5,2)]; ///aaa
    const slice_array<int>& v1=val[slice(0,5,2)]///bbb


    there aaa and bbb both occured an compiling error:
    error C2248: 'stlp_std::slice_array<_Tp>::slice_array' : cannot access
    private member declared in class 'stlp_std::slice_array<_Tp>'
    I know that slice_array can't be constructed,but why a reference is
    also error?

    aaa is an example in Stroustrup TC++PL 3rd special edition
    bbb is some help i found in the past information in 2001,but they used

    finally i found some solution in MSDN. They used val[slice] directly.I
    have tryed it .And it works well.
    But i still want to know why this problem happened.

    Look forward to your answers.
    holmescn, Mar 20, 2007
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