Sorting lists of lists...



I have a class structure like:

class image : public list<class element> {};

class series : public list<class image>
bool operator< (const image & img) const
return (image_id < img.image_id);

class study : public list<class series> {};
class patient : public list<class study> {};
class patients : public list<patient> {};

So sorting the series class is quite simple I just:

series s;

An unprocessed series can contain images from different studies and
different patients.

--------->>>> What I want to do is go through the series list and build
up a a sorted patient list.... (patients please!)

Within each image is a image_id, patient_id, series_id and a study_id.

What is the best way to build up the patient list?

I was thinking of modifying the series operator< and add the patient_id,
study_id series_id, and image_id so that at least that
list is completly sorted.... Then traverse the series list and populate
the patient list... (class patients)

Should I add a operator< to each class?

What do you think?


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