Special Session SS5 on “The Virtual Physiological Human project and Imaging in Biomechanics” at CMBB



Dear Colleague,

As you may know we are organising the Special Session SS5 on “The
Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) project and Imaging in Biomechanics”
as part of the 9th International Symposium on Computer Methods in
Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering (http://
www.cmbbe2010.cf.ac.uk), to be held in Valencia on the 24th-27th
February 2010.
This session will focus on patient-specific modeling and simulation of
various body systems functioning in the framework of the Virtual
Physiological Human (VPH) calls of EU FP7 (http://vphop.eu/) and on
image processing and analysis in biomechanics. Nowadays, multistage
investigations aim at tackling time and length scales involved in the
behaviour of biological and biomechanical systems (e.g., blood
circulation, ventilation, digestion, renal purification,
musculoskeletal apparatus, tumour growth, etc.) that sense, react, and
adapt to environmental loadings, and in the study of that behavior
from images.
Topics include (but not limited to) enhanced bio mathematical and
biomechanical models, data mining and visualization, image
segmentation, motion tracking, image alignment and registration, 3D
reconstruction, medical imaging, applications of imaging processing
and experiments for validation.
We are now looking for novel research papers addressing these topics.
Given your track record in this area, we would like to invite you to
submit an abstract to this special session. There is not much time
remaining as the deadline for abstract submission is October 16th
2009, however we hope that you or one of your colleagues may consider
submitting an abstract on this topic.
You will need to submit your abstract via the conference website
(http://www.cmbbe2010.cf.ac.uk), and select the special session SS5.
We look forward to seeing you in Valencia.

Yours sincerely,
João Manuel R. S. Tavares (University of Porto, Portugal)
Marc Thiriet (INRIA, France)

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