Symposium “Experimental and Computational Bio-Imaging and Visualization” within ICEM15 – Announce &



Dear Colleague,

Within the 15th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics
(ICEM15), to be held in Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto,
Porto, Portugal, in July 22-27, 2012, (
index.htm), we are organizing a Symposium on “Experimental and
Computational Bio-Imaging and Visualization”.
The main goal of the Symposium “Experimental and Computational Bio-
Imaging and Visualization” is to bring together researchers,
developers and clinicians involved in the related fields of Bio-
Imaging and Visualization, including Biomechanics, Experimental
Biomechanics, Image Processing and Analysis, Medical Imaging,
Mechanobiology, Tissues Engineering, Scientific Visualization and
Software and Hardware Development, in order to set the major lines of
development for the near future and establish a bridge between them.


- For instructions and submission, please access to the conference
website at:;
- Please, note that, when submitting your work, you should indicate
the Symposium “Experimental and Computational Bio-Imaging and


- Submission of abstracts: 30 November, 2011;
- Notification of acceptance: 13 January, 2012;
- Submission of full-papers: 16 March, 2012.

Kind regards,

João Manuel R. S. Tavares (University of Porto, Portugal,
(e-mail address removed))
Yongjie Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University, USA,
(e-mail address removed))
(Symposium organizers)


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