SQLDataSource Configuration not allowing Update, Delete or Insert

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by mosscliffe, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. mosscliffe

    mosscliffe Guest

    I created a new table in Visual Web Developer for SQL Server Express
    2005. I created a 'gridview' by dragging the table onto an empty web
    form in Visual Developer Express.

    Clicked on the smart tag 'configure data source'. When I click Advanced
    should see
    the Generate Insert, Update and Delete statements check box but it is
    out. It isn't in all the video tutorials I have watched.

    Tried to repeat with various new tables, but it always gives the same

    Activated the edit button on GridView and it allowed me to edit the
    record, but it will not update as DataSource not configured for UPDATE.

    What can I be doing wrong ? I am guessing it is a property or a
    permission, but permissions not normally a problem in windows

    Help my Test Host expires on Microsoft tomorrow and I can not even get
    to edit an existing table at local level, never mind test how to upload
    and execute on a real host.

    Any help appreciated

    mosscliffe, Apr 28, 2006
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  2. mosscliffe

    mosscliffe Guest

    If it is any help, the same problem occurs with an AccessDataSource !!!
    mosscliffe, Apr 28, 2006
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  3. mosscliffe

    Guest Guest

    The usual reason for this is that you have not included the primary key in
    the Select statement so it cannot autonatically generate corresponding
    Insert, Update and Delete statements.

    You can still do it all yourself though.
    Guest, Apr 28, 2006
  4. mosscliffe

    mosscliffe Guest

    Genius - I did not even have a primary key specified - now rectified
    and all working.

    Many, many thanks

    mosscliffe, Apr 28, 2006
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