Stepping up as SQLite3/Ruby maintainer


Luis Lavena

So, I think this may be good news for some folks.

February 24, 2009 is the date that Jamis Buck marked as the end of
several of his open source projects, including SQLite3/Ruby.[1]

Previously, he asked for help[2], updating SQLite3/Ruby to make it
work on Windows.

That sad news left a lot of us with a bad taste, and very unhappy, not
because we no longer will have someone to complain at, but because he
no longer enjoyed working on those projects.

Over the past months I've been improving rake-compiler [3] to be able
to catch most of the building issues of several projects[4], including
my own (I love to scratch my own itch).

The past days I wrote a post on my blog about "Getting Started with
Rails and SQLite3" [5], showing there how to successfully use
SQLite3/Ruby on Windows.

The next question was, what to do? The work to get all those lovely
gems was there, initial 1.9 was there, but was not _official_

While SQLite3/Ruby being the de-facto for getting started with Rails,
we couldn't let it die.

Enough words, sent some emails to Jamis and now I can publish those
gems to RubyForge.

But what all that babbling means?

This means:

* My fork at GitHub [6] is the new _mainstream_ for the releases
* I'm going to go over the open bugs and tickets and asses validity
and relevancy based on work that was already done in my fork.
* The release cycle has been improved and almost automated. It can be
performed from Windows, Linux or OSX, even using latter to create
Windows native gems.

Now, what happens with new features:

* Pull requests with patches and bug fixes are going to be accepted.
* New features will be evaluated as long they don't impose structural
changes and carry with them tests cases.
* Patches that improve Ruby 1.9 compatibility are _highly_ appreciated.

I don't have strong knowledge of all the internals of this tool, so
don't expect earth breaking changes from me, except ensuring

I hope this is _good_ news to everybody. Now I'm going to stalk MySQL
binding author and get permission to push those lovely gems ;-)

Cheers everybody!

Luis Lavena
Perfection in design is achieved not when there is nothing more to add,
but rather when there is nothing more to take away.
Antoine de Saint-Exup=E9ry

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