TeX subset into MathML conversion via MathJax


Ivan Shmakov

[Cross-posting to news:comp.text.xml, for obvious reasons.]

JavaScript is not required during the document generation, only when
viewing the generated HTML document. If you go for the online
option, you do not even need to install any JavaScript (instead, the
user viewing the document needs an internet connection (should be no
problem when browsing a wiki)

I'd like to note that Ikiwiki-based sites may be relatively easy
to mirror (so to facilitate offline reading), and may also allow
for uploading of offline edits.
and browser settings allowing to download and run the converter
skript in order to see the pretty printed output - otherwise he/she
sees the LaTeX source (which is IMO a safe and sensible fallback).

The reason why I don't like such an approach is twofold. First
of all, I generally dislike the now-widespread notion of
“webpage is code we send to your computer†— be it Java, Flash,
ECMAScript, or whatever else. (Not to mention that, Lynx, my
Web browser of choice, doesn't support JavaScript.)

On the other side, I may wish to apply some post-processing to
the formulae. And if those are in LaTeX at the server, — I'm
back to the original problem.

Though I'll probably check if MathJax could be of some use,



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