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U S Contractors Offering Service A Non-profit

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Craig Somerford
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05 nov 2006
24 oct 2006
Thank You
Craig Oral Somerford

" Working in Faith "

" The land of Milk and Honey "

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From: Craig Oral Somerford - view profile
Date: Wed, Sep 27 2006 11:42 am
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September 27 2006

Please lets' ALL help to get the WORD out about this Non-profit.

As I make my bed in SHEOL i awake at Table Mountain to a feast of Milk

and Honey.
For it's true there are blessings' in barters,as was my blessing upon
table Mountain.

To view Table Mountain:
try Google Earth"CLICK"

The Views are breath taking when taken in from upon high Places.

"Africa and all her Glory"

For your enjoyment i leave you with my work:

September 25 2006

" Working In Faith "

How far can one see,while Surrounded by Only GOD'S

perfect creation.

Being driven by Faith and guided there In,while

working through the Power of candle light.

Seeing It give-way while watching the last Star fade Introducing the

Sun to this dark Mountain

Far enough it seems to move this Mountain to you.

Thank you GOD
In " Jesus the Christ "
Name i pray Amen

Craig Oral Somerford

As you are seeing in your minds eye. About moving
Mountain's , this letter was written as i was seeing it happen.So

after reading view the Mountain and see were it was Written from if you


Thank you for reading and seeing the dark Mountain.

Written By
Craig Oral Somerford
Founder of said Non-profit
given to GOD through Faith
see storm photos of New orleans

Direct contacts to New Orleans call them...

The Honorable Bobby Jindal
LA - 1LA
Phone: (504) 274-0080

Send Message
The Honorable William Jefferson
LA - 2LA
Phone: (202) 225-6636

Send Message
Hon. David Vitter
Phone: (504) 833-1163

Send Message
The Honorable Mary Landrieu
Phone: (202) 224-5824

Send Message

I will Never give up on my vision enjoy...,9171,1555130,00.html mac

Please forward if you will for me
Thank you Craig O. S.


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