The Excel-like design style of reporting tool

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Designing reports with traditional reporting tools of control drag and
drop style, we are often troubled by the alignment of gridlines.
Especially when the report has a multi-level complex report header, it
has a huge workload and usually can not achieve a perfect effect.
With its unique spreadsheet design style, Excel avoids the trouble of
the alignment of gridlines. Therefore, wide end users have a special
liking to it, and ask for a reporting software with an Excel-like
design interface.
As a result, many report companies emulated Excel, and they thought
the only thing was to add a table control.

However, end users are not so easy to be satisfied with only a table
control, and they ask for various design capabilities of Excel. Such
as merge/split cells, word wrap, shrink to fit, format painter, etc.
Then, cell properties are even more, such as border, background,
foreground, font, size, etc.
The ideal requirement of end users is an Excel-like reporting tool
with a complete set of report operational models. With it, they can
easily make all kinds of reports, no matter simple or complex.
Simple report means linear report, such as freestyle report, grid
report, group report, cross report, etc. Complex report means
nonlinear report, such as multi-source report, irregular group report,
symmetrical row/group report, etc. With operational capability, Excel-
like design models will really become end users' favorite design
As end users like Excel so much, they may have made a great number of
Excel templates before. When they are making reports, users hope that
they can import these templates directly to avoid the trouble of
designing again. Similarly, they also hope that they can export
reports made with reporting tool to Excel templates to make a second
operation conveniently.

Above is the ideal standard of Excel-like reporting tool. Perhaps some
people will say that it is too hard, and there can not be such a
perfect reporting tool. Luckily, RAQ Report meets all the requirements
above and becomes the leader of the new generation of reporting
softwares. Of course, besides the perfect Excel-like design style, RAQ
Report has many revolutionary functions, such as strong correlation
semantics model, multi-source input model, etc.

For more about RAQ Report, you can refer to

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