The Man In The Mirror



In Ancient time mirrors were held to be sacred, but they only had pools
of water and pieces of metal available to observe their own reflection.
The only way to get a clear image of what you looked like was to trust
an artist to draw or paint your portrait. And the latin word for
drawing another person portrait was, Enlightenment.But today we have
highly advanced mirror technology available, which I believe is very
useful in treating mental and physical illness.

The ancients believed mirrors to be useful for divination, and also for
absorbing evil. That's why people still say it is 7 years bad luck if
you brake a mirror. We don't put much thought into mirrors anymore,
and its considered superstition if you do. But it shouldn't be because
mirrors are a better tool for bio-feedback than the electronics and
computers people use today.

A recent study found that people who were paralyzed could still work
computers when hooked up to medical instruments which measured
bio-rythms and brainwaves. And scientologists believe they can control
their emotional states with lie detectors. But a mirror is an even
more valuable tool.

People don't have an objective understanding of who they are, and 'the
man in the mirror' often takes advantage of that. When I look in the
mirror for a little bit of time, I see someone completely different
from who I think I am. The man in the mirror behaves in strange ways,
and when I dissasociate from myself he does things that I can't
control. But when I meditate on the mirror I begin to relax and I've
been able to learn new skills.

After talking to the mirror I've learned to wiggle my ears, and lift
one eye-brow. And once I even staired into my eyes untill my pupils
started dripping into my iris. Which was extremely scarry, although it
didn't cause any physical problems. However I think I am giving up on
wasting time on the computers, and will continue to practice Zen while
looking into the mirror, because although I consider them to be
side-effects the man in the mirror has control of me.

He is writting this paper, and thinking for me. He moves my fingers,
and winds up talking about things I'm really not even interested in.
But if I meditate on who I really am, and try to remain self aware I
can take control of myself. So that's what my job is now full time.
Just listening to music, and gazing into the mirror.

You should try it. I've gone 3 days without posting, and have been
looking in the mirror the whole time. I checked back today to see what
people thought about this idea, and was suprised to see so many
responses on alt.depression.

I wanted to let everyone know that I am getting positive responses from
the man in the mirror, and he is actually helping me regain control of
my life. I got up at 10:00AM today to go to my group meeting, and went
to the Unitarian Church early in the morning yesterday. The sermon at
church was about the gnostic gospels, and the scripture that they read
happened to be about how beholding Jesus, is like looking into the
mirror. Which they also talk about in a passage of Corintheans.

I haven't been talking to myself, pacing about, or drinking. I've been
smoking less, and I haven't been over-eating. I've actually been
completely entertained while looking in the mirror, and want to buy a
larger mirror to cover a wall in my house. To go with a nice sofa to
sit on of course.

So perhaps I will coninue to post every now and again, but I'm not
going to make an obsessive habbit about it and I will be thinking about
what Corey White wants to write, and not letting the man in the mirror
do all of my "hacking".

But Legend has it that you actually are the man in the mirror and he is
you, and if something ever changed in the mirror world, there is a
chance that you would switch places with the man in the mirror. That's
because there is no logical way to determine if you were still yourself
at that point, without the notion of subjective randomness.


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