The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized.



I have seen lot of posts regarding this error: 'The request failed
with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized.' - but none worked in my situation.

I have a webservice which is called by a windows service running in the
same machine. My webservice once again connects to a third party's
webservice. Anonymous access is switched off and Integrated
authentication is enabled for my webservice. The web.config has both
authentication set to windows and impersonate set to true. The
usergroup which the windows service calls my webservice has been given
permissions through the Permissions wizard in IIS. The IIS version is
6.0 running on Windows Server 2003 with service pack 1 installed.

The point here is we have two sets of servers and both the servers have
identical setup. The webservice call gets through in the 1st server,
but the 2nd server fails with 'The request failed with HTTP status 401:
Unauthorized.' error. Spent almost 3 days on comparing the settings in
both the servers and looks both have same configuration.

Any clues? Help is much appreciated.