Timeouts and Thread(?) Interruption/Execution

Discussion in 'Javascript' started by Gene Wirchenko, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Dear JavaScripters:

    Something else that the texts do not seem to cover:

    Suppose that I have a form and a timeout. The form has
    validation on the fields. If a timeout occurs during the execution of
    validation code, what happens?

    Is the validation code terminated? Interrupted then resumed
    somehow? Executed in parallel with the timeout code?

    Or is this undefined?


    Gene Wirchenko
    Gene Wirchenko, Nov 24, 2011
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  2. In comp.lang.javascript message <n4htc7pvev38hjrea5vhvi9dj4r4u062ff@4ax.
    You need to realise that those who initially wrote JavaScript were in a
    country that never developed a language of its own, and is where people
    often use words with a flagrant disregard for their proper meaning.
    Especially in regard to date/time.

    "getTimezoneOffset", in JavaScript, means "getTimeOffset".

    "timeout" really means "delayed function call".

    There is no provision for, in the general sense, interrupting running
    script (the script can pause and restart, then looking for new
    information (such as STOP!)).

    The consequences of the impossible are undefined.

    My "validation" page includes a parameter-driven routine for doing most
    or all of the validation of a many-field form with a minimum (roughly)
    of new code.
    Dr J R Stockton, Nov 25, 2011
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