Too many variable.

Discussion in 'ASP General' started by flemming eriksen, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Dear NG.

    IIS5 (and II6) , ASP 3.0.; W2k, WS03.

    A websolution has a login-page, transaction page (just reading data), and

    Under heavy load I get in the IIS-Log : Too many variables (Microsoft OLE DB
    privider for V.FoxPro: Too many Variables).

    I have written a testprogram to call the three pages (login, tranaction,
    logout) and in one run, I login for 8 users.(in diffenet threads)
    Running the program 7 times on one pc gave the "Too many variables'. Restart
    IIS, and I get it agin. (depending on memory).
    Ah simple, I thought, programming bug - a connection is open, or I forget to
    close (nothing ) to stuff..
    I removed all the close stuff, and would expect the bug come up earlier, but
    it came exacly at the 7. run again. Hm.

    In the transaction and login I have code as

    Add parameters to a select statement with "?"
    execute the command (not yet closed)
    Create new Command
    Add parameters to select statement with "?"
    execute the command

    hereafter I close the stuff.

    IF I remove one of the parameterised "command-executes", I can run upto 20
    times until the bug shows up.
    So it seems as some management of the memory/variables isn't given free,
    when I say it.

    Can anybody give a hint where to look?
    IIS must somwhow remember the test-prog ran before (as though the
    connections/logout were not performed)

    flemming eriksen, Mar 5, 2004
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  2. flemming eriksen

    Rob Greene Guest

    Could this be Visual Fox Pro not handling the close?

    This is what I think, not necessarily what is accurate!
    Rob Greene, Mar 6, 2004
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