Tracking down Omesh: Copyright Infringement

Discussion in 'Java' started by nathan, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. nathan

    nathan Guest

    Hello All,

    I could use some help in tracking down Omesh, who has infringed on my
    copyright. I was contacted by a member of this group with Omesh's
    email address, but I'd like to learn how to track it down on my own.
    This email is in reference to a section on Omesh's blog: where he copied a large
    part of my article at: about
    Animation Tips

    He has a simple solution. Take down the article or he'll be hearing
    from an attorney. The other option is to contact Blogger about the
    offense, which is one of my next steps if the post isn't removed.


    nathan, Oct 8, 2007
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  2. "Omesh" is pulling such shit under many different names since at least
    November 2006. E.g. here he is hawking "mobile phone reviews" under
    the names Jim, Mac and Rammy:

    As you can further see, the spammed-for blog is still up.

    Another example is
    from August this year. Again, the spammed-for blog is still up.
    "Omesh" comes frome somewhere in India. Maybe Mumbai, maybe Chennai.
    These are not only huge areas, but because it's India your chance of
    getting hold of him are zero. Indian ISPs don't care about network
    abuse. Omesh is certainly one of the more persistent abusers. I
    consider him a professional criminal.
    Good luck in contacting Blogger, alias Blogspot, alias (yep) Google.
    You are certainly not the first one making them aware of "Omesh". As
    you can see by following the above two examples, his old fake blogs
    are still up. Blogger/Blogspot is owned by Google. Which is important
    here. "Omesh" does the spam and copyright violations to generate
    traffic for the fake blogs. On the fake blogs he is using Google
    AdSense to make money from the traffic. And not only he makes money,
    but so does Google because of the traffic.

    "Omeshs" current Google AdSense client ID is pub-9122004793387317, ad-
    channel 2536077756. He is using this at least since August, maybe even
    since July. Google doesn't care. Google/Blogger/Blogspot could easily
    find all his fake blogs by checking for this ID. They don't. They
    should know who Omesh is, since the money must go to someone. Google
    will certainly not tell you.

    Maybe they react to a DCMA takedown notice. Maybe you can try to get
    the advertising money from Google as some kind of compensation, since
    it is your intellectual property. But I think the later would require
    a very clever lawyer.

    Good luck.
    Hunter Gratzner, Oct 8, 2007
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