TreeView, Master Page and Nodes




In a master page, I have a treeview control with levels defined by

I have 3 levels in the treeview and 3 nodes (nodes A, B, C) in the first

On the opening page, I click on Node A and it expands. Then I open up the
first 2 levels within Node A and click on the final node which has a URL
associated with it.

When I get the resulting page, which has the same master page as the home
page, the treeview expands all the nodes (A, B and C) down to the third level?

I do not want that. I just want Node A to be expanded and Nodes B and C to
stay closed?

Is this behavior by design?

Can I configure the treeview to not do this.

Does the treeview being in the master page have any effect on this behavior?



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