Unusual Error with Smart Navigation

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Web Controls' started by thomson, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. thomson

    thomson Guest

    Hi all,
    i have enabled Smart Navigation in the Page attribute, My
    Webform has several Webform controls, all applied with style sheets
    from an external file.

    When a postback event is occured due to a dropdownlist[for all
    controls that is giving postback], all my styles applied to the entire
    form is dissappeared[it appears white, but the controls are there],
    this occured only after enabling the Smart Navigation,
    If Smart Navigation is not enabled ...there is no
    problem with style sheets of the form

    Please help me out how to get rid of this problem, as i need to enable
    Smart navigation,
    IAm using
    Microsoft Development Environment :2003 ver:7.1.3088
    Microsoft .NET Framework :1.1
    Microsoft Visual C# .NET

    .......Please Help
    thomson, Nov 17, 2004
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