use java to access oracle database

Discussion in 'Java' started by david wolf, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. david wolf

    david wolf Guest

    I am writing a java program to access oracle database. My understanding
    is that in order to do that I have to:

    1) install oracle odbc driver in the windows xp.

    2) setup a data source name in windows control panel's data source

    3) Download the oracle jdbc driver which is a jar file.

    3) Write the java code to connect to the database.

    My question is:

    1) Where can I get oracle odbc driver that can be installed in windows
    that windows xp will recoginze in ODBC data source administrator?

    2) If my database in located on another machine, how to setup the data
    source in ODBC data source adminstrator?
    david wolf, Mar 21, 2006
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  2. david wolf

    jlowery05 Guest

    jlowery05, Mar 21, 2006
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  3. How about using JDBC?

    Best regards,

, Mar 23, 2006
  4. david wolf

    steve Guest

    odbc drivers for oracle can be downloaded from their site.
    access to offsite databases is via a url or an ip address.
    steve, Mar 30, 2006
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