Use webservice without .asmx file

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Marcel Wolterbeek

I was wondering if it is possible to use a webservice from javascript in an
Ajax control without publishing an .asmx file.

This is why: I've build a nice Ajax web control. Javascript is embedded in
the control as resource, the code for the webservices is in the control and
the control registers the scripts and webservices on load, so all the user of
my control has to do is include the control in his project. But unfortunately
the .asmx files for the webservices needs to be on a readable place on the
website and -as far as I found out - it is not possible to embed it in the
control as resource or in any other way.

Has anybody a suggestion to solve this? Is there a way to embed the .asmx
file in the control or to use the webservice without publishing the .asmx


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