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David Thielen

Listing products in each category & some reviews: - An enterprise reporting system
encompasses the processes of designing, generating and distributing
reports. Reports are simply ways to present company data and include
items such as invoices, inventory tallies, financial statements,
insurance policies, customer account summaries, product usage reports,
and even certificates and letters.

An effective reporting solution helps you better understand your data
and effectively share information. - Document generation (docgen) is an
automated way of generating and distributing documents. Instead of
creating a document manually, the user creates a template, and
specific information populates the template when the document is

Document generation is the most thorough and efficient means of
automating documents, and without it, businesses would waste critical
resources. - A dashboard presents information
in charts and graphs that combine to create an up-to-date visual
overview. Your company's dashboard, like the dashboard of a car, shows
key data in such a way that you can quickly and easily understand how
you're operating – and what would make you more efficient.

A well-designed dashboard helps you track trends, better manage your
operations, and make critical business decisions. - Business Intelligence (BI) describes the
tools and technologies that help make sense of your data. BI is vital
for any company looking to excel in today's business environment. With
proper BI tools your company can get up-to-the-minute information on
where you've been, where you are, and where you're headed.

On-demand access to your company's data, coupled with proper analysis
and distribution tools, define what constitutes a great fit for
companies that need an effective BI solution.

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