Yellowfin 4.1 Released with iPhone BI application



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Yellowfin, leading web-based Business Intelligence software providers,
today announced the release of Yellowfin 4.1, the next generation of
the Yellowfin product suite.

With more than 80 new features, Yellowfin helps organisations see and
understand their data better than ever. New dashboard and
visualization capabilities, along with federated queries and a host of
improvements to spatial BI, make 4.1 ideal for rapid BI deployments.
Yellowfin 4.1 is available for download at

Glen Rabie, CEO of Yellowfin says, “Yellowfin continues to strive to
make business intelligence easy. 4.1 is another step in that
journey. We have made a significant amount of usability and
functional enhancements that make Yellowfin the leader in web based BI

Yellowfin now offers unparalleled capabilities to create analytic
dashboards and interactive visualizations that enable people anywhere
in an organization to track and explore their most important metrics.
Dashboards are now more intuitive, while at the same time providing a
greater level of analytic capability.

“The recent changes to our dashboards are being driven by an increased
demand for highly interactive dashboards that allow users to explore
their data intuitively. The days of static dashboards are long gone,
users expect to be able to slice and dice and drill into data
effortlessly. 4.1 sets the benchmark in terms of flexibility and
usability for creating different styles of tabs – but best of all they
are fun to use and quickly deliver insight to the user,” says Glen

The growing trend of Mobile BI is supported through the release of
both a native iPhone application, and a generic mobile interface, that
provide full featured delivery of both dashboards and reports to a
mobile workforce.

Unlike most BI applications for the iPhone that just post static
reports on a mobile screen, which may be marginally helpful but
creates a tremendously frustrating user experience, Yellowfin for the
iPhone provides the opportunity to interact with the data. This
allows mobile users to access to the specific answers they need.

Federated Queries will enable users to query more than one data source
at a time and combine the results in memory into a single report and /
or table. This enhancement allows you to treat all your data sources
as one virtual database and access them as a single query – enabling
you to focus on building reports, not joining data sources.

The latest release delivers a wide range of improvements to Spatial BI
including: GIS layering and enabling Web Map Service (WMS) layers on
GIS reports. Multiple condition ranges enable users to divide a range
of results into several smaller subsets and display them clearly on
the one chart.

eSite is one of the first of Yellowfin’s partners to benefit from the
enhanced GIS capabilities. “In my career I’ve used 12 or 13 different
database/reporting systems…and I have to say that the elegance and
practicality of the Yellowfin 4.1 design, and being totally web based,
is just awesome compared to those systems.” Says Larry Manire, CTO of

More than 80 New Features

Yellowfin 4.1 has over 80 new features. Additional capabilities
• Additional charting and visualisations - Z charts, funnel charts and
• Improved Report List manager
• Filter Parameter caching for enhanced usability
• Additional administrative and configuration options
• Additional clustering support for improved scalability

About Yellowfin

Yellowfin is passionate about making Business Intelligence easy.
Recently recognised among 25 rising companies that CIO’s must know
about, Yellowfin is a leading web-based BI solution can be easily
integrated into any third-party application or delivered as a stand-
alone enterprise platform. Yellowfin is an innovative and flexible
solution for reporting and analytics, providing a full range of data
access, presentation and information delivery capabilities.


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