Yellowfin Enhances Business Intelligence Reporting forTelecommunications



Java based Business Intelligence software company "Yellowfin", today
announced its successful foray into the Asia Pacific
telecommunications sector through its expanding partner network. Two
organisations, InterAcct Solutions and Utilibill have selected the
Yellowfin web-based Business Intelligence (BI) reporting application
as the front end presentation layer for their customer business
reporting solutions throughout Asia Pacific.

The Yellowfin BI solution has been designed to address the issues
surrounding the processing and analysis of vast amounts of complex
data typically encountered by telecommunications operators, in the
easiest possible manner. Yellowfin is a flexible 100 per cent Web-
based solution for reporting and analytics, providing a full range of
data access, presentation and information delivery capabilities.

“Yellowfin’s focus is to support BI for the masses,” according to Glen
Rabie, Chief Executive Officer for Yellowfin. “Here at Yellowfin we
approach BI differently – our solution is not limited to specialists -
anyone in an organisation who is comfortable using a web browser can
benefit from it as it’s intuitive and easy to use.”

Continuing on from its success in the United States telecommunications
market, Yellowfin is targeting the Asia Pacific telecommunications
market to provide detailed reporting solutions for operators requiring
assistance with reporting on everything from SMS, billing, mobile
payments and global roaming.

Yellowfin is now working with a range of innovative organisations that
have identified that an easy, flexible solution like Yellowfin is more
efficient and economically beneficial than one large, complex and
unwieldy BI solution.

“We believe that this will be a key driving factor in the growth of
the telecommunications sector for Yellowfin. We project that this
vertical market will become 25 percent of our overall revenue,” Rabie

For InterAcct Solutions Group, the incorporation of the Yellowfin BI
presentation layer into the organisation’s pre-paid customer care
service for a major Australian telecommunications operator is crucial.

InterAcct Solutions Group has deployed the Yellowfin BI solution in
ten of the major telecommunications networks in Singapore, Malaysia,
Thailand and China. The Yellowfin solution will provide the
presentation layer for a suite of secure but flexible mobile payment
solutions available for all customer handsets.

“The complexity and quantity of data most telecommunications operators
manage on a daily basis is astounding. The presentation of this
information to many layers of management within an organisation is
key. There is no point in presenting reams of tables with
indecipherable information; it must be graphical, easy-to-read and of
high quality. We achieve this through our relationship with
Yellowfin,” outlined Chris Eyles, Group Chief Executive Officer,
InterAcct Solutions Group.

In Australia, Utilibill has also incorporated the Yellowfin BI
solution as its presentation layer for reporting for specific clients.

“With existing clients we have been able to streamline the
presentation of a number of different billing applications into one
business report. This has greatly increased the visibility of the
business for both management and business owners and minimised any
unnecessary development of internal applications. Yellowfin BI now
collects the information for a wide range of uses within the
organisation,” commented Igor Green, CEO, Utilibill.

About Yellowfin
Yellowfin is passionate about making Business Intelligence easy. Its
leading web-based BI solution can be easily integrated into any third-
party application or delivered as a stand-alone enterprise platform.
Yellowfin is an innovative and flexible solution for reporting and
analytics, providing a full range of data access, presentation and
information delivery capabilities.

About InterAcct Solutions Group
InterAcct Solutions Group is a specialist, business-to-business,
Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) solutions provider.
The company was founded in 2001 having developed proprietary
technology that facilitates the deployment of applications and
services that utilise the benefits of USSD technology. InterAcct
Solutions Group is headquartered in Sydney and is assisting network
operators; financial institutions and third-party content providers
deploy wireless data services in Australia, China, India, Indonesia,
Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

About Utilibill
Utilibill Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2005 and now supplies services
to over 100 Service Providers. Utilibill’s goal is to deliver software
applications that are secure, reliable, predictable, user friendly and
feature rich. Its systems base infrastructure has been built to
provide its customers with increased efficiencies driven through
modular design and automation of otherwise manual processes and
procedures. Utilibill was built from ground up as a Telecommunications
and Utility billing, rating, payment and provisioning system using
today’s technologies.

For further information please contact:
Glen Rabie Yellowfin 03 9642 2241
Shuna Boyd BoydPR 02 9418 8100


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