Business Intelligence on Mobile devices



The Yellowfin BI team have produced a new paper on "Business
Intelligence on Mobile devices".

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With the advent of the mobile phone a fundamental shift occurred in
telecommunications. You no longer called a place but you called a
person. The internet provides an even greater degree of
interconnectivity, and it is these changes which are having a profound
impact on businesses and the way in which they manage their people
mobile or otherwise and the access that they provide to their data
assets. This white paper addresses these changes and discusses the
impact it is having on business information delivery.

The convergence of Business Intelligence and mobility, resulting in
the capability to deliver data anytime anywhere, has been well
underway for some time. Professionals are fast becoming comfortable
with the use of smart phones not only for communication purposes but
also as a means
of keeping up to date on business information. The result of this is
that your company?s work force will soon see mobility as the norm
rather than a specialised set of applications when they happen to be
on the road. The dispersed work force and the end of the commuting to
a cubicle era will soon be upon us, and you should build out the IT
plan to accommodate mobility as the rule rather than the exception.

This paper looks at who the audience for mobile BI applications is.
Senior management and executives, key sales people and field service
personnel. What are the key influencers driving the need for mobile
BI, and the benefits that are in store for an organization that
embraces mobile analytics.

Beyond that, this paper analyses the requirements, both technical and
organisational that are required to ensure a successful rollout of a
mobile BI platform. One that will have a direct impact on improving an
organisaton?s bottom line, by increasing its competitive advantage,
its employee productivity and the level of customer satisfaction.

About Yellowfin
Yellowfin is passionate about making Business Intelligence easy.
Recently recognised among 25 rising companies that CIO’s must know
about, Yellowfin is a leading web-based BI solution that can be easily
integrated into any third-party application or delivered as a stand-
alone enterprise platform. Yellowfin is an innovative and flexible
solution for reporting and analytics, providing a full range of data
access, presentation and information delivery capabilities.

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