Whitepaper on Location Intelligence



The Yellowfin BI team have produced a new paper on "Location
Intelligence", the mashup of BI with GIS


More than 70% of your organizational data has a location component -
be it a customer address or a sales territory. This combined with the
growing ability of businesses to quickly absorb large volumes of data,
together with the increased availability of digital maps and spatially-
enabled applications has created an unprecedented opportunity to
incorporate geographic factors into decision making processes and

Location Intelligence is the capacity to organize and understand
complex events through the use of geographic relationships inherent in
all information. This is achieved by combining location-related data
with other business data, organizations can gain critical insights,
make better decisions and optimize important processes and
applications. Location Intelligence offers organizations opportunities
to streamline their business processes and customer relationships to
improve performance and results.

Yellowfin’s Location Intelligence combines traditional Business
Intelligence with the addition of a spatial element to let you easily
visualize your spatial and business data simultaneously. As a BI
platform with its fully integrated GIS capability, Yellowfin is
unique. It lets you query the “where” as well as the “what” and
“when”. This distinctive capability enables you to merge your spatial
data with your corporate information. Table data and maps are
interlinked and displayed as a single report. The merging of your
spatial data into your business data will give you the analytic
capability that you
need to excel in Location Intelligence.

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About Yellowfin
Yellowfin is passionate about making Business Intelligence easy.
Recently recognised among 25 rising companies that CIO’s must know
about, Yellowfin is a leading web-based BI solution that can be easily
integrated into any third-party application or delivered as a stand-
alone enterprise platform. Yellowfin is an innovative and flexible
solution for reporting and analytics, providing a full range of data
access, presentation and information delivery capabilities.


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