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    I have a ASP.NET (using application setup that allows someone to
    fill out an application form. The form goes across multiple pages (10) so on
    the first page I assign a unique ID and store it in a cookie and use it
    across the reamining pages. I am storing each pages data to the SQL database
    after they click the NEXT button to advance to the next page. Then, if they
    click the back button to the other pages to change the information I can
    populate the pages by getting the userId stored in the cookie. I use the
    GetUserID function listed below on each page to retrieve their ID number.
    After they have filled everything out they are assigned a username and
    password to login later to make any changes to their information. I am using
    the same GetUserID function to get the userid for each page. Everything has
    been working great without any problems. However, the other day something
    strange was happening. Someone would fill out all the pages(10)of information
    and later if I would go to the first page that persons information would be
    populated. I was not using the same machine they were and it would happen to
    anyone going to that page. It was like the was stored in a
    global session or something.

    I ended up having to delete that particular user out of the database in
    order for it to stop populating that users information.

    Any ideas why this happened? Is my GetUserID logic incorrect?

    Public Function GetUserId() As String

    Dim context As HttpContext = HttpContext.Current

    ' If the user is authenticated, use their customerId

    If context.User.Identity.Name <> "" Then
    Return context.User.Identity.Name
    End If

    ' If user is not authenticated, either fetch it or return empty string
    If Not context.Request.Cookies("User_ID") Is Nothing Then
    Return context.Request.Cookies("User_ID").Value

    Return String.Empty

    End If

    End Function
    Guest, Apr 29, 2006
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