UserControl property as dropdown at design time?




I'm creating an ASP.NET UserControl that contains a DropDownList
control. I'd like to be able to set the DataSourceID property of this
DropDownList through a UserControl property that at design time gives me
a list with the ID's of all DataSourceControl controls on the web page
containing the UserControl.

So let's say I have a web page with 4 ObjectDataSource controls, and I
add this new UserControl to the page (at design time, using VS 2005).
Selecting the UserControl and opening the Properties window I want a
property 'ProductTypeDataSourceID' that lets me choose one of the 4
ObjectDataSource controls from a dropdown list, as if the UserControl
was a DropDownList or some other DataBoundControl (I don't need the <new
data source...> option, just the list).

I've been able to create the property, but just as a plain string
property (no dropdown).

This is the code I have at the moment:

[Description("The Control ID of an IDataSource that will be used as the
data source")]
public string ProductTypeDataSourceID
get { return ddlProductType.DataSourceID; }
set { ddlProductType.DataSourceID = value; }

I've tried different attribute combinations, including the Editor and
EditorBrowsable attributes, as well as just using a getter or a setter,
and a host of other suggestions I've found online, but nothing helps.

What am I doing wrong?




Alessandro Zifiglio

hi Frode, then you want to write a custom web control and not use a
usercontrol. Usercontrols are limited in designtime features and is one of
the main difference btw UserControls and WebControls.

Alessandro Zifiglio

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