Using Code from Existing Software

Jan 18, 2020
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I am in the early stages for the development of a new software for my company.

There is a commercially available software that has several of the features that we require.

It uses following languages: Front-end: Angular, Typescript, Java script, jQuery Back-end: Java, Hibernate and PostgreSQL database iTextSharp/C# for certain app features

We currently have a license for this software. The company using a SAAS model and requires us to pay license fees per "file" and access the software through their website

Is there a way to download the code from this software for the development team to use as a basis? The purpose would be to avoid the lengthy process of explaining/translating all the features in this software for development in ours?

I am assuming just using their code is not an option due to trademark issues? What is the normal process in these situations?

Can this code be downloaded and then rewritten? If so, how would I even download the code to provide to developers?


Nov 27, 2019
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Your company should have lawyers that are proficient in technical maters. Ask them!!! My 'jail house lawyer' advice is: "Revers Engineering" code is against the law. The people that broke IBMs hold on computers, Eagle Personal Computers, had to do it by using specs and not by REing the bias,

Maybe the bean counters could tell you if it's worth the cost to develop your own system.

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