using CPAN to install pm to Strawberry Perl



I'm not getting Win32::DirSize installed on Strawberry Perl ( DWIM Perl )
This is perl 5, version 14, subversion 2 (v5.14.2) built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread

I'm using 'cpan' to do the install.

The OS is Microsoft Windows Server 2003 up to date
Server is a file server, part of a Windows domain, not a domain controller.
This is a clean install of DWIM Perl though I have installed and uninstalled the language file several times attempting to get this install happy.

The reason I'm trying to install this pm is that I have a script, originally developed for Perl 5.8.822, which uses the components of this pm to my great advantage to query and return data related to file storage for users wewant to archive files for so we can remove the user accounts from our domain.

From the 'cpan' prompt I'm issuing the command 'install Win32::DirSize

The output of the run from this command indicates that the name is being changed to 'Win32DirSize'.

I have read the output from the perllocal.pod. According to it the file was installed into C:\Dwimperl\perl\site\lib>, however when checking there I find there is no folder with this name, no pm installed in the lib folder and no folder installed in the Win32 folder. Checking in the folder 'auto' in the lib directory I do find a folder for Win32DirSize with a single filenamed .packlist of zero file size.

I checked in the C:\Dwimperl\cpan\build directory and do find a folder for Win32-DirSize-1.13-JNinsi and an associated .yml file. The folder containsa Win32 folder, which contains a DirSize folder which contains several files including the file.

The file Win32-DirSize-1.13-JNinsi.yml contains several lines of output similar to this:
"install: !!perl/hash:CPAN::Distrostatus"
The first word in the line is different as in 'make', 'maketest', 'test'.

It appears that the normal process to install the program module failed forsome reason.

If possible I would really like to use this program module. I have attempted several different ways to manually move the pm file to the same folder it existed in, in the install I had of Perl 5.8.822 but all attempts have failed. My Perl script will not compile failing to load and use a constant from the .pm.

If this module will not work with Strawberry Perl I just need to know so I can stop bashing my head into this wall and try a new one. If it will work, then some help with the 'cpan' documentation to learn how to correctly install the program module would be welcome.

I noticed that one of the lines in the file, on closer reading, indicated that to install it depended on MakeMaker so I have recently installed that. I reran install Win32::DirSize. The output from the install command in cpan indicated that the install had already occurred and there was nothing todo.

Hope someone will help.


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