Using IE proxy server settings in a web service client

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Kenneth Jonsson

I can not make proxy server settings in Internet Explorer work for my web
service client. When the proxy is defined manually, all is well.

But, when I import settings from Internet Explorer, the IsBypassed attribyte
becomes true and the address returned from GetProxy(url) is the same as the
Url I am entering in the call.
I do not know how the proxy server is configured, perhaps someone have an
advice for me or for the administrator of the proxy server?

When connecting to the network, from my office, through VPN, all is also
well in both cases. IsBypassed=false and GetProxy returns the address to the
actual proxy server.
And when I start IE and try the address of the web service server, I can
connect to it!

Reading about proxy servers, it seems it would work automatially, I have
also tried to run the program without setting the proxy, with same
dissapointing result.

I have spent days trying to make IE settings work in my program, but with
little success, and is wery greatful for any help in this matter.

Kenneth Jonsson

public void SetServerProxy(SoapHttpClientProtocol service)
if (...)
// Install user proxy settings
WebProxy userProxy = new WebProxy(ProxyServer);
NetworkCredential credential = new NetworkCredential(ProxyUser,
ProxyPassword, ProxyDomain);
userProxy.Credentials = credential;
service.Proxy = userProxy;

// Install default IE proxy settings
service.Proxy = WebRequest.GetSystemWebProxy();
service.Proxy.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultNetworkCredentials;
bool isBypassed = service.Proxy.IsBypassed(new Uri(service.Url)); <--
becomes true
Uri proxy = service.Proxy.GetProxy(new Uri(service.Url)); <-- is not
the proxy server defined in Internet Explorer (instead it is the Url entered
in the call)

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