Using query parameters subtitution outside of execute()


Daniele Forghieri

Hi to all. I'm using sqlite3 with python 2.7 on windows.

I use the query substitution parameters in my query but I need to pass
part of the query to a function, something like (it's not the real
examples, just to clarify the question):

def loadAll(cursor, id, queryAdd = None):
if queryAdd is None:
qry = 'select * from files where catalog = ?'
qry = 'select * from files where catalog = ? and %s' % (queryAdd))

cursor.execute(qry, (id, ))

I would like to use the query substitution even when I create, in
another piece of code, the queryAdd part, something like:

queryAdd = cursor.querySubst('enabled = ? and hide = ? and data > ?',
(enabled, hidden, min_date, ))

when the function take care of the date format, quoting the parameter
and so on

It's possible or not ?

Thanks in advance

Daniele Forghieri


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