vb.net webapp and vb6 dll


Matthew Hanna

I am not sure where to put this question so I am
putting it in two places:
microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet and
microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.vb. Sorry for
any disturbance this may cause.

I am trying to figure out how to debug my vb6 dll
that is being called from a vb.net webapp in VS
..NET 2003 Pro. I have tried what is described at
word-for-word but the break point in my vb6 class
was never reached. My break points in that file
had ? in them though. Is that a problem?

What I am doing is this:
I have a vb6 dll that I use in other vb6
applications quite nicely. I needed to use it in
this vb.net webapp so I set it in the references
and I used the
Server.CreateObject("ASALayer.LayerClass") and
everything fell into place after that. The code
runs, various properties get setup like they are
supposed to, and then when I call the finalize
method it returns false indicating it failed. I
can't figure out how to determine the problem
inside the dll without being able to step into the
code and see what is going wrong.

Any ideas?

Oh yeah, I just set permissions for ASPNET to have
read/execute/write settings for the folder where
the dll and its debug files are. No go yet.
Do I need to do the same for all the folders that
contain dlls used by my vb6 dll?

Matthew Hanna


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