Visual Studio 2003 under Windows 2008 Server


Laurent Jordi


I subscribe to an online Windows 2008 WebServer to replace my old PIV that
was running under 2003. I installed all features I need but I still have a
I must deploy a legacy Internet Application built with Visual Studio 2003 under 1.1 Framework with and ASP 3.0 pages.

I installed :
• Visual Studio 2008 Pro
• SQL Server 2008 Express
• Visual Studio 2003 Entreprise Architect
• Dot net Framework 1.1 SP1
• IIS Rôle is activated with the IIS 6.0 Compatibility functionality activated

My problems are :
• I have a compatibility error message when I execute
• I VS2003 seems to need Front Page Server Extensions 2002
• I have only one application pool running under 1.1 Framework
• I cannot create a new application pool with 1.1 Application Framevork
because It’is not in the list
• I have a critical error message when I try to open the VS 2003 Project, VS
2003 doesn’t recognize the 1.1 Framework and it wants to chage my project to
1.0 Framework
Someone could help me ?
Thanks a lot,
Best Regards

Laurent Jordi

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