w3wp Worker Process leakage problem when running Crystal Report



Dear All,

I have recently using ASP.net 2.0 to build web application with Crystal
Report for .net, one of my typical coding to generate report on web page as

Dim rpt As New ReportDocument
Me.CRViewer.ReportSource = rpt

My user reported to me that the web application will run into problem when
executing the report repeatly for say 30 times, the new report request will
cause the web page showing "Load Report Failed"

I checked whenever the memory usage for w3wp.exe (application pool) over
around 200 MB, the service will then run into trouble. I need to delete the
service (w3wp.exe) in order to fix the problem or set Application pool to
recycle the worker process on certain memory usage

Now my users complaining this workaround make them lost all sessions(such as
User ID), so they need to re-login again ...

My question is any problem on my coding sample, do I need to set something
to release the report resouce after use?

Anybody share can your experience is very appreciate!



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