Watir 2.0 Released

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Jarmo Pertman, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hello!

    Today is the day when Watir 2.0 is released. Finally we have 0-based
    indexing as in Watir-WebDriver.

    Plan is to have better compatibility with Watir-WebDriver with each
    next release. Let's see how it goes.

    Here is the full changelog:
    * RIP FireWatir - there won't be any new releases due to the lack of
    JSSH extension for Firefox 4+ versions.
    * all elements are using 0-based indexing instead of old 1-based
    - disable it temporarily: require "watir";
    Watir.options[:zero_based_indexing] = false
    * #radio and #checkbox methods doesn't allow 3 parameters anymore for
    locating with "value"
    - use browser.radio:)name => "something", :value => "some value")
    syntax instead for locating with "value"
    * all element methods accept now multiple-specifiers with hash syntax,
    for example:
    - browser.element:)class => "someclass", :name => "somename")
    * all elements are searchable by :xpath and :css now (note that it's
    usually slower than searching by other specifiers)
    * #button, #form and #frame doesn't accept single string as a
    specifier anymore to search by name:
    - use browser.frame:)name => "name") or browser.frame:)name, "name")
    syntax instead
    * :index => 0 is used as a default specifier if nothing is specified:
    - browser.div:)id => "id").table.tr is same as browser.div:)id =>
    "id").table:)index => 0).tr:)index => 0)
    * all collection methods accept now specifiers too:
    - browser.divs:)class => "someclass").each {|div| puts
    div.class_name} # => "someclass"
    * removed FormElement class
    * added aliases:
    - tr => row
    - trs => rows
    - td => cell
    - tds => cells
    - a => link
    - as => links
    - img => image
    - imgs => images

    Install it with `gem install watir` and let the testing begin!

    (PS! Don't forget to disable 0-based-indexing temporarily until you're
    not too busy to fix the currently used indexes in your tests!)

    Jarmo Pertman, Aug 10, 2011
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