WCF authentication problems




I've written a WCF service which I host on IIS under Windows 2003.
Security wasn;t working, so I amended the web site security settings
to allow Negotiate,NTLM as per the MS documentation and set the client
proxy code to allow impersonation..and now a client can communicate
successfully to the web service.

So now I can access the web service from a remote server, it does its
work and returns. However, if I try and access the service from the
same server...I get the familar error below;

The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication schema
'Negotiate'. The authentication header received from the server was

The Win2003 is using a DNS name to resolve the URL? Could that have
any bearing? However I can't understand why I can run the client code
on my PC and it calls the server, does the WCF link and returns happy
- and when I execute the same code on the server it fails with this

Everything is running with the same user credentials in both

Any ideas?

Many thanks


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