Web application developer at Square Circle Triangle


Ben Schwarz

Square Circle Triangle (SCT) is a dynamic design studio based in
Melbourne Australia, that build web based applications, and websites
using Ruby & semantic HTML/CSS.
We are expanding our team of talented people who push the boundaries
of possibility and deliver quality results.

We are looking for a passionate developer with experience in building
clean, elegant and usable web applications, preferably with a LOVE for
development and technology.

The position will involve the following:

» Ruby coding
» Translating designs into working web sites (HTML / CSS / JS)
» Scoping, planning, designing and developing technical
» Database design
» Writing functional specifications
» Working within a project centric team environment
» Deployment / Testing
» Creative thinking and ability to multi-task
» A passion for personal development and directly contributing
to the future of a studio

The successful candidate will have knowledge & experience with:

» Ruby / Java / C# / other OO language
» MVC framework
» Mac / Unix environment
» Javascript, CSS, HTML

Square Circle Triangle provide a professional and progressive studio
environment, pool table (bring your 'A' game) and two crazy dogs.
We have a genuine commitment to delivering engaging and functional
The flat studio hierarchy means that you can directly contribute to
and have impact on the outcomes of the studio.

Send us examples of work and your CV if you are interested.
All applications will be considered with confidence.

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