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Dec 18, 2007
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Sorry for the swedish error message but that's the server.. anyway
quick translation
Parsing error message: failed to generate temporary class (result=1).
error CS2001: File not found C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\icyrvkwb.0.cs
error CS2008: No Indata have been set.

Source error
[no relevant source code]

my description of the error.
I made a .net 2.0 web app, it uses a webservice to access some payment
If I upload the entire site I get the following error. If I remove the
App_WebReferences directory the site works fine, except ofcourse the
checkout page where the web reference is used.

I may add that it works both on my local development enviroment and
also on test server on my internal network. But when I upload it to
the HOSTING provider thats when the error comes.. The HOSTING provider
dosn't know what's wrong and I also did some searching on the internet
without any luck so now I turn my hopes to this user group for some
help or interessting ideas to try out for solving this issue.

Thanks for you time

Beskrivning: Ett fel uppstod vid parsningen av en resurs som är nödvändig för att utföra den här begäran. Granska parsningsfelinformationen nedan och gör nödvändiga ändringar.

Parsningsfelmeddelande: Det gick inte att generera en temporär klass (resultat=1).
error CS2001: Det gick inte att hitta källfilen C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\pdsrppuw.0.cs
error CS2008: Inga indata har angetts


[Inga relevanta källrader]

Källfil: /App_WebReferences/com/telluspay/secure/ Rad: 1

Versionsinformation: Microsoft .NET Framework-version:2.0.50727.832; ASP.NET-version:2.0.50727.832


Problem is solved, the HOSTING company checked the user rights on the .net temp directory and not the windows/temp directory, after some discussions with their support they set the right permissions on the windows temp directory and now it works.
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