Web service, forms authentication and DefaultCredentials



Hello All,

I have a webservice application (ASP.NET 2.0) and a .NET client executable
which consumes the web services. The current model has username / password
collected by the client application and passed to the webservice. What I am
required to do is to make this application use active directory to
authenticate the users and possibly implement a single sign on.

I can easily extend the existing model where I collect the username /
password pass it to the server construct a NetworkCredentials object on the
server and authenticate it against the active directory, what I've been
asked to do is as follows :

Collect the current user's credentials
(CredentialCache.DefaultNetworkCredentials) from the machine where the
client executable is running, and (somehow) pass this credentials object to
the server and on the server authenticate this object against the active
directory. My questions are 1) Whether this is possible and 2) If this is
possible, is this the correct approach? I have found lots of articles which
suggest using integrated windows authentication on IIS, however I am being
forced to not use it.

Can anyone please help me? guide me to any 'howto' article or something like




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