Webhits and UNC Paths



Hi I wonder if you can help? We currently develop a document management
system that is asp based, runs on IIS and uses Indexing Server to index the
uploaded documents. When a user searches for a keyword our document
management system queries Indexing server and pulls back a list of results,
we then offer the user a button to press to bring up a summary of the
document with the relevant keywords highlighted, we use webhits.dll to do
this. This works great if the documents are stored on the IIS server (we use
a virtual directory to a folder on the local file system) but if we put the
documents on another server, when we click summary we get an error message
saying “the pipe has been endedâ€. Can webhits.dll work with virtual
directories pointing to UNC paths? Has anybody got this working before?

Many Thanks in advance


=?Utf-8?B?TFBhdWw=?= wrote on 23 mrt 2010 in
Can webhits.dll work with virtual directories pointing to UNC paths?

This microsoft.public.inetserver.asp.general NG is about classic ASP and
not about other ISS matter, so please do not crosspost unnecessarily.

However it seems to me you can easily build a small page
coded with ASP VBS or ASP Javascript
to find this out yourself.

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