WebResource with PerformSubstitution



I have a question regarding WebResource and in particular the

I see that the <%=WebResouce(…)%> can be used with a WebResource to perform
substitution on a resource to substitute the WebResourceUrl of other resource
referenced with the first (perhaps an image within an html file).

What I would like to be able to do is perform substitution on a script file
that contains <%=Control1.ClientID%> so that the clientID is output in the
script, however it appears that only other WebResource substitutions are
performed in this manner.

I currently have the script as a resource in a resx file that is embedded in
the controls assembly and replace the token with the correct clientID at the
PreRender stage (when registering the script), but thought it would be nice
to have the script available as a WebResource. Is there a way to achieve

Shaun Venus

emailid: sunevnuahs
domain: hotmail.com


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