What's wrong?New hand.<Head first python>chapter7/8 webapp -No suchCGI script

Discussion in 'Python' started by 曹守正, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. My webapp is once good to use. Now I do not know what happened. It can not work.
    when i type http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/generate_list.py , http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/generate_timing_data.py, or anything after cgi-bin in my chrome. It all turns out like Message: No such CGI script ('/cgi-bin/generate_timing_data.py'). Error code explanation: 404 - Nothing matches the given URI.
    I even download the webapp on http://www.headfirstlabs.com/books/hfpython/
    Still it does not work.
    (you can download the app on the website,that is chapter 8. And the app is in file webapp-chapter8)
    Thank you!
    曹守正, Nov 22, 2013
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  2. 在 2013å¹´11月22日星期五UTC+8下åˆ4æ—¶48分35秒,曹守正写é“:

    在 2013å¹´11月22日星期五UTC+8下åˆ4æ—¶48分35秒,曹守正写é“:
    曹守正, Nov 22, 2013
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