why is my mp3 link not working?

Discussion in 'HTML' started by Doc, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. Doc

    Doc Guest

    Does anyone see any obvious problems with the code for this webpage I put
    up? The page comes up, but when I click on the link, it gives me an error
    screen. It's a very simple site, if there's an error in my html, I don't see
    where it is. Tech support at Earthlink has been useless. They claimed there
    was a problem with the mp3 file, but I downloaded it from the ftp site and
    it plays fine.

    Thanks for any assistance.

    Doc, Dec 22, 2004
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  2. Paul F. Johnson, Dec 22, 2004
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  3. Doc

    Doc Guest

    Doc, Dec 22, 2004
  4. Doc

    Dylan Parry Guest

    Um, I think you misunderstood what he was saying... or it was badly said :)

    Currently, your code reads:

    <a href="happy_holidays/the_christmas_song.mp3">

    but it needs to be changed to:

    <a href="the_christmas_song.mp3">

    Dylan Parry, Dec 22, 2004
  5. Doc

    Doc Guest

    Actually, I had it that way originally, and it didn't work. Then I looked at
    another site I have up:


    and saw that the way I did that one had the main file and then the mp3 the
    same way - thusly:

    <a href="hornfile\hornfile.mp3"><center>R click here to download the horn

    And it works. However, I'm finding that neither way works with the Happy
    Holidays site.
    Doc, Dec 22, 2004
  6. Doc

    Doc Guest

    I'm an idiot. The name of the file had an extra _ that I didn't catch. I
    looked several times before and didn't catch it.

    Thanks for all input.
    Doc, Dec 22, 2004
  7. Um....

    <a href="the_christmas_song.mp3">Click here to hear The Christmas
    Starshine Moonbeam, Dec 23, 2004
  8. Doc

    Rick Cook Guest

    I wouldn't trust anything Earthlink tech support tells you. Since they
    moved their support operations to India, they have gone from pretty good
    to absolutely awful.

    Rick Cook, Feb 16, 2005
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