Workaround for ActiveSupport::OrderedHash YAML bug

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Ivo Wever, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Ivo Wever

    Ivo Wever Guest


    I'm looking for a workaround for the problem that you can't
    roundtrip a Hash with OrderedHashes as keys. The simplest demonstration,
    using Ruby Enterprise 2011.03 (1.8.7 p334), ActiveSupport 3.0.4:

    foo = {ActiveSupport::OrderedHash['x', 'y'] => 'z'}
    => {#<OrderedHash {"x"=>"y"}>=>"z"}

    => "--- \n!omap ? \n - x: y\n: z\n\n"

    The YAML that was dumped here is wrong. It should have been:
    "--- \n? !omap \n - x: y\n: z\n\n"

    To demonstrate:
    YAML.load("--- \n!omap ? \n - x: y\n: z\n\n")
    ArgumentError: syntax error on line 2, col -1: ` - x: y
    : z


    YAML.load("--- \n? !omap \n - x: y\n: z\n\n")
    => {#<OrderedHash {"x"=>"y"}>=>"z"}

    This issue is probably related to Does anyone know a workaround
    for this. I've been looking into the sources, but I fear it will take me
    a while to figure it all out and perhaps someone here has a solution at
    Ivo Wever, Mar 23, 2011
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  2. Ivo Wever

    Ivo Wever Guest


    Someone must surely have worked around this already? I've currently
    resorted to changing the internal datastructure of the object where I
    needed it from an OrderedHash to an Array of two-element Arrays, but
    it's a bit of a stopgap.
    Ivo Wever, Mar 28, 2011
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