XMLFilter after Transforming

Discussion in 'XML' started by alasdair.d, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. alasdair.d

    alasdair.d Guest

    Hi All,

    Can anyone assist me with my little problem? I am looking for an
    example where a transform occurs, which contains PIs in it, and then
    the PIs are picked up and expanded. The aim is to create a web page
    and expand it to include appropriate xhtml in the stream that is sent
    back to the user.

    alasdair.d, Mar 10, 2010
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  2. I'm not sure from your description whether the PI's are in the input
    document or are created by the transform -- and I'm not sure who expands

    If you could sketch a small example, it might be easier to make suggestions.

    (Personally, I'm wondering why you're going with PIs rather than letting
    the transform fully construct the output document... but maybe that will
    become obvious when you provide an illustration.)

    Joe Kesselman,

    {} ASCII Ribbon Campaign | "may'ron DaroQbe'chugh vaj bIrIQbej" --
    /\ Stamp out HTML mail! | "Put down the squeezebox & nobody gets hurt."
    Joe Kesselman, Mar 11, 2010
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  3. alasdair.d

    alasdair.d Guest

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for prodding me. I should have been more clear on my
    The way the XSLT works is that it returns an appropriate page to
    insert the base content. This content is read off an XML DB, and a
    Xhtml page is returned. So, as far as the content is concerned, is is
    placed in the correct place.

    The PIs are inserted by the transformation. What I am looking for is
    the ability to then send the transformer output to a filter, which
    will look at the PIs' target and data and use it to fetch additional
    information and insert it. Think of adverts, popular pages list,
    random text blocks and other text been read off a XML DB server.

    Currently, the inserts are been handled by XPath objects that point to
    the appropriate location for the insert. It works, but in not
    flexible in the fact you need to do some coding to add or subtract any
    insert points. (We want to support different platforms in a more
    consistent manner.)

    Hopefully, this makes it clearer.
    Am using PIs as it allows the page to be more flexible. We can change
    the way these blocks are fetched by changing the target and data.
    alasdair.d, Mar 11, 2010
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