xmlrpc server running behind IIS as a CGI

Discussion in 'Python' started by Chris Curvey, May 2, 2005.

  1. Chris Curvey

    Chris Curvey Guest

    Here's my server:

    import os
    import SimpleXMLRPCServer

    class Foo:
    def settings(self):
    return os.environ
    def echo(self, something):
    return something
    def greeting(self, name):
    return "hello, " + name

    handler = SimpleXMLRPCServer.CGIXMLRPCRequestHandler()

    If I run this behind Apache/CGI, everything works fine. If I run this
    behind IIS/CGI, everything hangs when I call the server (I have
    confirmed that a "hello world" program runs fine thru CGI when called
    via a web browser).

    Here's the client program:

    import xmlrpclib
    server = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy("")
    print server.settings()
    Chris Curvey, May 2, 2005
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