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Discussion in 'Java' started by, Sep 20, 2007.

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    Hi All,

    I have recently been working on a project where we needed to detect
    the mime type of files. This in itself is not to hard when you
    consider the available choice of libraries that have a good guess at
    the mime type based on the file extension.

    However, in my case we had a CMS that stored images (of any type) into
    its repository and for some unknown reason renamed them all with
    a .img extension. As the images consisted of ICON, JPEG, GIF and SVG
    mime types we needed another way to detect mime types over and above
    extension matching (if you can map the extension as certain files such
    as Make files don't have an extension).

    On unix the OS has a utility called file which makes a good guess at
    the mime type of a file. Mime type detection is not bullet proof but
    under normal conditions it should be pretty close. Anyway, the file
    command uses a couple of text files containing certain rules that are
    available on all flavors of UNIX. These files are called magic and

    So having looked at other solutions I didn't find one that really
    fitted my needs, so I wrote a new one called mime-util and I have put
    this little useful utility on sourceforge at the project location of if anybody is interested.

    This little utility uses two methods to detect the mime type of a
    file. First it try's to match the file extension and if found will
    report the registered list of mime types for that extension. This
    method can be modified by by placing a mime properties file on your
    classpath thus allowing you to override any of my mappings and even
    add new mappings for extensions I did not add to the internal property
    file. Secondly, if it is unable to determine the mime type from the
    file extension i.e. it is not registered or the file has no extension
    it will use the parsed version of the unix magic.mime file (on windows
    it will use the internally supplied copy). This file contains rules
    that enable various magic numbers to be located at known offsets into
    files and then reporting the first match. Again, you can provide your
    own version of this file on the classpath as well allowing changes to
    the existing matches or even adding new matches without actually
    changing the unix magic.mime file itself.

    You can use the methods to force only the second match i.e. magic
    number matching on all files if you want but the intension is to
    provide a fast utility that does a best effort guess. In my tests I
    have been able to achieve a 100% match on a wide range of files using
    the more expensive magic number matching and over 90% match using a
    mixture of both extension and magic number matching. For me this was
    sufficient and did not require me to make to many changes or additions
    to compensate for the existing magic.mime file. I did however create
    an extension to the rules which allow a fuzzy match to occur i.e. I
    think this information should be somewhere within the first 1K of data
    in this file.

    Anyway, If anybody wants to use it its there under an Apache 2.0
    license i.e. FREE for ALL and if you have any requests for changes,
    additions etc please feel free to comment
    , Sep 20, 2007
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  2. Roedy Green Guest

    On Thu, 20 Sep 2007 03:14:19 -0700, wrote,
    quoted or indirectly quoted someone who said :

    >I have recently been working on a project where we needed to detect
    >the mime type of files. This in itself is not to hard when you
    >consider the available choice of libraries that have a good guess at
    >the mime type based on the file extension.

    Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products
    The Java Glossary
    Roedy Green, Sep 23, 2007
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