Existing web projects aren't binding to the correct virtual directories

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by AC [MVP MCMS], Jun 15, 2005.

  1. I have a full blown VS.NET 2003 solution with a handful of library
    assemblies, two web projects, and a few web service projects. The
    entire solution is in VSS. Recently our build server went haywire and
    the best solution was to blow away everything on the build server
    related to this solution (both filebase and virtual directories hanging
    off the default website).

    I recreated the shell of our solution's web projects
    (d:\projects\Solution 1\WebProject1; d:\projects\Solution
    1\WebProject2), recreated the virtual directories (WebProject1,
    WebProject2), set as web applications, in the default website and
    pointed them to the directories I setup. I've always done this in the
    past with all my web projects... this way, ~I~ say where the projects
    will be placed, not the default IIS mappings.

    Note: This server has multiple web sites all listening on port 80 on
    the "all unassigned" IP... just like the default site. However, all
    default sites are set to listen for specific host headers.

    Now, when I try to get the project from VSS, the web projects aren't
    binding to the default website. I get the usual "Set Project Location"
    which says the working copy location is "http://localhost/WebProject1"
    for each web project... but when I click OK I get the message:

    "Unable to create web project http://localhost/webproject1". The file
    path d:\inetpub\[wwwroot of one of the other IIS sites] does not
    correspond to the URL http://localhost/webproject1. The two need to
    map to the same server location. Http Error 404: Not Found.

    OK... so it's obvious to me that VS is trying to bind to one of the
    other IIS sites. BUT, when I put a dummy file in the web applications
    I created in the default website (d:\projects\solution
    1\webproject1\test.txt) and browse to it
    (http://localhost/webproject1/test.txt), it works just fine. So IIS
    isn't passing off control to one of those other sites (which is good).
    Also, after letting it go through its process, I see it created
    directories in other IIS sites but didn't mark them as web

    The only way I can keep it from binding to one of the other sites is by
    stopping those web sites. But then it just goes onto another site
    listening on port 80. I am not going this route for many reasons.
    First those other IIS sites are very active projects. Second, this
    site is a Content Management Server site I'm building, and the ISAPI
    filters must be running on that site. Third, some of the sites it's
    binding to are SharePoint sites... same deal with ISAPI filters. While
    I've mentioned SharePoint & CMS, This is NOT an issue with those
    products... it's an issue with the default website.

    What gives? I've looked in the SLN, CSPROJ, and WEBINFO files trying
    to find SOMETHING, but each and every test always looks in other IIS
    sites. All references are to URLs... not file shares (we need to use
    URL's, not file shares for a few reasons I won't go into). Ideas?
    AC [MVP MCMS], Jun 15, 2005
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