Discussion in 'HTML' started by, May 31, 2005.

  1. Guest

    , May 31, 2005
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  2. dorayme Guest

    > From:
    > Tellme what you think on this html site I made.

    Just a quick comment or two about the outward phenomena, the experience
    itself, apart from the workings of your code. After waiting a while for
    things to load from the intro, a page came up: This cannot be seen on many
    screens or browser widths without scrolling side to side. I could not see
    any point in your site needing to have this limitation. Many images did not
    load at all. Some only half-loaded.

    dorayme, May 31, 2005
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  3. Mitja Guest

    On Tue, 31 May 2005 01:46:57 +0200, <> wrote:

    > Tellme what you think on this html site I made.

    "KevinsWorld - A cool site"

    I don't think the page is so much cool as kewl...
    Mitja, May 31, 2005
  4. <> skrev i melding
    > Tellme what you think on this html site I made.

    Bad thing #1:
    Intro page. Very useless. Just skip ahead directly to the content. Flash
    intro = extra bad (they just get in the way).

    Bad thing #2:
    Intro page says "© Kevnsworld 2005 Please don't take anything from my site
    with out my permision."
    First of all, typos galore. Second problem, once you continue to the next
    page, it suddenly says "©2004 free web templates".
    Basically, that means it's not really your HTML site, it's just a few pages
    made from a free template. REAL website design usually takes several hours
    of layout/navigation planning, content planning (how it should be divided
    and positioned relative to eachother), actual designing with graphical tools
    (Photoshop or equivalent) and HTML coding (preferrably valid code according
    to the W3C specifications). Typically, a high-quality website with basic
    (interesting) content takes a week or two from initial idea to being
    published on the web. Yours probably took 3 hours looking for an
    average-looking template from a freebie website and an hour or two doing the

    Bad thing #3:
    BMP images. Nobody professional uses them anymore, unless for uncompressed
    source images, and then never on the web. Use JPEG, GIF or PNG files for
    images. The latter (PNG) is high-quality with high compression, but is
    unfortunately not supported by older browsers.

    Bad thing #4:
    Freebie JavaScripts used "just for the fun of it" - there aren't any proper
    uses for those types of JavaScript code segments.

    Bad thing #5:
    Website is spread over several accounts. Stick to one account,
    or change your website providers. Trust me, there are much better providers
    out there than, and there are plenty that do not require you to
    put their ads on your site. Or better yet, get a paid hosting account, there
    are many providers with cheap hosting plans out there, including myself
    (yes, I've branched out in that direction).

    Bad thing #6:
    Don't assume your visitor is a complete idiot.
    "Below you can see how there are pictures and a label under them those are
    links. Click only on the picture not on the words the words are not links.
    When you click on a link below it will take you to its own part of this
    site! Each link countains its own home page."
    Unless your visitor is blind, he or she WILL see the pictures, the labels
    attached and that they are links (most likely). You don't have to describe
    in detail how it works. And even if your visitor IS blind, all of this will
    be empty chitter-chatter through his or her speech-enabled browser.
    Furthermore, "It also has its own tool bar with differnt links so be sure to
    check it out!"
    Again, your visitor will see this once he or she is there.

    Bad thing #7:
    This is more of a continuation of #2, or more specifically, the bit about
    "typos galore". Brush up on your written English. Good grammar and spelling
    makes the site credibility go up a notch or two. Slang works as well, as
    long as you don't overdo it.

    And a few pointers:
    1. Include a page where you present yourself and/or the people the page is
    all about. Just quick introductions, not your whole life story (you can
    include that as well, but then you seperate it to a different page).
    2. Skip all the "cool features" just because they're "cool". A whole bunch
    of useless tools will also be a big annoyance. Always think about the actual
    value to a random visitor, as well as the uniqueness of the page or tool.
    3. Make sure your site looks good (or at least good enough) in more than
    Internet Explorer once you've uploaded everything to your website server.
    Try to test the same page in several browser types as well as from several
    different locations to see that everything is where it's supposed to be. You
    might as well use your Internet connection at work/school or at an Internet
    café (if there's one in your area) to test this. Also, ask friends and
    family to visit the website to see if there's anything missing, but don't
    spam them all at once, telling them your "visit my cool page", that's just
    rude. Rather, ask them to visit your site to see if there's anything
    missing, and - this one can be important - ask for suggestions on both
    layout, content and ways of doing certain things (don't be specific, you
    really want all kinds of suggestions).
    4. Don't worry too much about the above criticism, you've only done the
    common mistakes of a newcomer to the website design world. Your website
    pretty much looks like other people's first try at making a website, you'll
    get to a professional level eventually with enough practice, hints,
    suggestions and learning sites.

    People around here are usually more than happy to recommend links, books and
    tools to start off your process of learning proper HTML. But beware,
    submitting your site URL in news:alt.html (as well as
    news:comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html and other Usenet groups on the
    topic of HTML, CSS and website design) can and WILL make your site subject
    to HTML validation with W3C in addition to all kinds of criticism.

    While we're at it, your intro and first index page comes up with validation
    Intro page, 25 errors:
    Main page, 150 errors:

    Kim André Akerø
    (remove NOSPAM to contact me directly)
    Kim André Akerø, Jun 1, 2005
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